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In 1936 J.H.C. Whitehead proved that if two words in a free group are equivalent under an automorphism, then they are equivalent under a finite sequence of a certain class of au- …
Abstract We characterize,minimal,words,in the free group,on two generators,and,prove various results for words that are effectively “new” with respect to word length.

MATH 3005 Homework Solution Han-Bom Moon Homework 4 Solution Chapter 4. 1.Find all generators of Z 6, Z 8, and Z 20. Z 6, Z 8, and Z 20 are cyclic groups generated by 1.
FREE ABELIAN GROUPS, DIRECT PRODUCTS, FREE GROUPS, FREE PRODUCTS In this handout, we review some topics in groups that we will use later in the course. The material on free groups, free products, and presentations of groups in terms of generators and relations (see earlier handout on Describing a Group) will be used in the next chapters on computing the fundamental group of the union of two
example, the relation just says that ab= ba, and we get the free abelian group on two generators, isomorphic to Z Z. (Compare Exercise 6.3.11 on p. 221.) Another

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Deflnition 3. A free group on two generators is a group generated by two elements with no relations between them. Any group generated by two elements can be obtained from a free group on two generators by imposing some relations on the generators. Such presentation of a group is called presentation by generators and relations”. Exercise 3. (1) Find an exhausting family of relations for …
by an order two automorphism as well as an interesting example of an associated fixed point C*-algebra: the C*-algebra of symmetric words in two universal unitaries.
Abstract characterization of D n The group D nhas two generators r and s with orders n and 2 such that srs 1 = r 1. We will show any group with a pair of generators like r and s (except for their order) admits a homomorphism onto it from D n, and is isomorphic to D nif it has the same size as D n. Theorem 1.1. Let G be generated by elements a and b where an = 1 for some n 3, b2 = 1, and bab 1
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THE FULL C*-ALGEBRA OF THE FREE GROUP ON TWO GENERATORS 43 projections (Φ(t)) teί0>1] must be all 0 or all /. Now we claim that C*(F 2) can be imbedded into 3ϊ as a …
Over a finite field, this paper characterizes absolute irreducibility of two-dimensional representations of the free group with two generators. Then, representations and their similarity classes
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ated group of matrices, there is a free non-abelian subgroup unless the group has a solvable subgroup of nite index (this is the so-called Tits-alternative which …
The free group with n generators F n is quite large, so when working with elements of F n it is desirable to work instead with eq uivalence classes of words as much as possible.
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THE STRUCTURE OF THE AUTOMORPHISM GROUP OF A FREE GROUP ON TWO GENERATORS DRAGOMIR Z. BOKO Vie1 Abstract. Let F2 — Z * Z be a free group of rank two. We show that Aut F2 can be built up from cyclic groups by using only the free products and semidirect products.
arxiv:1003.4139v1 [math.kt] 22 mar 2010 on the vanishing of the lower k-theory of the holomorph of a free group on two generators vassilis metaftsis and stratos prassidis
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The descriptions of these two groups will be di erent for p = 2 and p 6= 2, so we will treat these cases separately after the following lemma. Let p be prime and G be a nonabelian group …
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of the free group factor of two generators. More precisely, we consider two More precisely, we consider two copies of the hyperfinite factor R i of type II 1 .
Generators for abelian groups, and free abelian groups 0) Read pages 6-16 of my web notes 845 part1. [and the reference given there to the splitting
For every genetic code with finitely many generators and at most one relation, a braid group is introduced. The construction presented includes the braid group of a plane, braid groups of closed
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Growing words in the free group on two generators 3 for 0 k m 1, j˚ k+1˚ k ˚ 2˚ 1(w)j j˚ k ˚ 2˚ 1(w)j, with strict inequality unless ˚ k ˚ 2˚ 1(w) is minimal.
A PRESENTATION OF THE AUTOMORPHISM GROUP OF THE TWO-GENERATOR FREE METABELIAN AND NILPOTENT GROUP OF CLASS c C. K. Gupta and Wan Lin UDC 519.41/47 We determine the structure of IA Inn() ()GG/ by giving a set of generators, and showing that

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Given the free group on two generators a and b (henceforth denoted by F(2)), it has been shown by algebraic means that for any word g ∈ F(2) there exists a normal subgroup H …
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group there seems no obvious reason why one cannot have an infinite chain of larger and larger sporadic groups, each of which has a double cover that is a centralizer of an involution in the next one.
For example, let G be the free group in two generators, x and y (which is clearly finitely generated, since G = {x,y} ), and let S be the subset consisting of all …
Construction of the free group De nition: Let Sbe a set. De ne a new set S 1 to be the set of all symbols s 1 for s2S. A word in the set S[S 1 is a nite sequence (x
Let F_n denote the free group generated by n letters. The purpose of this article is to show that Hol(F_2), the holomorph of the free group on two generators, is linear.
resentations of the free group with two generators. Then, representations and their similarity Then, representations and their similarity classes are enumerated.

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DOI 10.1007/s10711-005-3953-6 Geometriae Dedicata (2005) 115: 135–162 © Springer 2005 The Normal Zeta Function of the Free Class Two Nilpotent Group on Four
A free R-module M on generators S is an R-module M and a set map i : S → M such that, for any R-module N and any set map f : S → N, there is a unique R-module homomorphism f˜: M → N such that
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complex representations of the free group with two generators. We extend this clas-sification to representations over an arbitrary field. A more general problem is the classification of pairs of matrices up to simultaneous conjugation. It was considered over the complex numbersby Friedland [4], and by other authors. Note that in [4], as well as in invariant theory in general, an invariant
generators needed to create the free group. Determining minimal generators and the rank for a free group on a set Sin- volves determining whether any element in Sis a word in the other elements of S.
Exercise 67 Consider the action of the free group on 2 generators a, b on 3 points 1, 2, 3 such that a and b act as the transposition (12) and (13). Find a set of four generators for the free subgroup fixing 1. (Draw the graph with three vertices 1, 2, 3 and four edges giving the actions of a and b on the vertices, then pick a maximal tree (with 2 edges) then find the four generators by
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